Get OFF the GRID

There is so much to do in LA but where to start? If your first intinct was the Hollywood sign or Madame Tusade’s, then you have come to the wrong place. Boring!

Here you will find the hottest (low-key) hang-out spots where you can have it all. From incredible views to awesome places to chill with your friends, you will never find yourself struggling to find a good location. More importantly- you will NOT be guided anywhere boring, predictable or main-stream.

ALSO, for those of you who can never decide where to bring a date (or at least you think it’s a date) this site is for you as well.
Don’t get caught up spending a hundred dollars on hibachi or whatever fancy food you desire. And don’t spend money you don’t have on tickets or club entrances you can not afford. That impulse buy can be prevented. Instead, check out this blog for posts about romantic views or incredible look-outs. You can never go wrong if you find the right roof-top or balcony with a perfect Los Angeles view.
If your are weird and don’t appreciate a good view, I’ll provide you with plenty of mroe options so don’t get discouraged- help is on the way!

If it was not clear, this blog mainly targets students and young adults. It is for the youngsters who like to keep their wallets full but without missing out on the good times. Let’s be honest- if you’re with friends then any cool spot can be just as fun as the “club” or going to a Laker’s game. OK maybe Staples center is a little more exciting than my blog but you get the point!
Anyways- anything is better than riding around in a big red tour bus and looking at houses that may or may not be owned by a celeb.

And PLEASE do not be one of those people that takes a picture of every single celebrity star on the sidewalk of Hollywood. YOU ARE BLOCKING MY WAY WHILE I AM TRYING TO WALK!

As I was saying…..
GO GET STARTED and enjoy your new and FREE guide to living the off the grid life- Los Angeles style!